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Politically And Grammatically Correct

98% Of The Time

23 November 1982
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Alrighty! Due to certain, shall we say, misunderstandings in the past, I have felt it necessary to add a disclaimer so that I can just sigh and say, "go read the user info" when people run in here and complain, rather than having to explain about privilege to another ZOMG Wutt about teh MENZZZZ!!!!111??!11


This journal is comparable to a Feminist Safe Space. This means that overt racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, classist, ableist did-I-forget-anythingist comments will be deleted or completely pwninated. I and many of those who come here regularly may not identify as straight, upper-or-middle-class, male, or able. However, there is one condition I recognize here as having privilege that feminist thought does not. See, a good many of us are atheist, wiccan, or any from a whole other range of sinfully sinful sinners. So, without further ado:

I am anti-christianity. Don't like it? That's great. But don't read about it here if you don't want to. I live in southern kentucky. If I want "the christian POV", I can just open my front door. I'm not interested in how you feel as a christian, and neither, I'd hazard a guess, are most of the people reading my journal. This is a safe space for systems of belief which run counter to mainstream american christianity. This is a safe space for those whose everyday lives are controlled and lessened by the iron fist of that religion to come and vent about how it makes them feel. And if how it makes them feel is that they hate christianity, then that's their prerogative as free-thinking individuals. And they can say so here.

I am really fucking weary of people telling me what I can and cannot say regarding mainstream relgion, and how I'm "persecuting" christians by my hatred of their organization. I call Bullshit. Christians are privileged and given special consideration EVERY FUCKING WHERE they go in american society today. I couldn't call up the bowling alley and expect to get a discount for my Atheist Youth Group. I can't expect to get off of work for a non-christian holiday. I can't expect my chidren to be safe in a public (read that as government-funded, can we say "seperation of chruch and state?" can we say "stop using my ATHEIST tax-dollars for that 'under god' shit?") high school from christian anti-gay propaganda, yet they can't expect to be allowed by the administration to organize ANY pro-gay activities, or, in the unlikely even they obtain permission, to be protected from attackers. This is privilege. This is how christians are considered more legitimate members of society than non-christians. I don't fuckin care if you ran into a clerk at a gas station who sneered at you one time cos of the cross around your neck. That's not what I'm talkin about. (and it's probably cos it was the Wrong Type Of Holy Cross or something anyway, like they were presbytolic and thought EVERYONE should be from the Holy Bleeding Virgin Batman Church of Saturday Paints).

Now. I know my posts show up n your flists. So if I'm gonna have a particularly nasty anti-christian essay, I'll probably cut it. But I do deserve the right to say what I want here, when I want, and I encourage all you fellow non-christians out there to do the same. (Ooh! Refreshing to be addressed as though you actually EXIST, isn't it?)

Anyway, this sort of disclaimer should be applied here to anyone of a privileged class seeking to stretch their sense of entitlement to cover the whole goddamn internet. This is just a gutterfuckin blog. This is my one place the I carved out for myself that I can make free from racist, classist, ableist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-choice, christian privilege and entitlement. So, if you're coming in here straight, white, cisgendered, male, christian, middle-class, rich, anti-choice, and/or chrisitan, expect that you might get called out on your privilege.

It's just one of the many services I offer.

If you don't know me:
I am liberal and I don't believe in gender, and as such, I am an angry little bastard. I live in sin with my lover and it is EVERYTHING I thought it could be. This journal contains bits and pieces of my sincerely fucked-up life, including my, um, interesting childhood, and any thoughts I happen to have at the moment. I am an exemplary writer, *basks in own glory* and so enjoy posting mini-essays about things I discover in life. This journal is for my and my friends' own personal use, so if you'd introduce yourself when you post here, I'd appreciate it. OTHER WARNINGS: I'm a slasher and a feminist and a leftist and an atheist and pretty much everything else that probably pisses you off, and I'm not even going to explicitly tell you whether I'm a man or a woman (DEAR GHOD IN HEAVEN!!), so I will invoke a slasher's rule here in saying: You no like, you no read.

Auch hab' ich endlich gelernt, auf Deutsch zu sprechen. Ich habe mein Deutsch im Klassenzimmer gelernt, also bin ich natürlich nicht ganz fließend, aber ich spreche gern meine erste Fremdsprache. Hoffentlich kann ich später die französiche Sprache lernen und dann vielleicht etwas, das mir mehr kompliziert ist, wie Japanisch oder Russich. Auf jedenfalls, ich wünsche, dass ich mein ganzes Bio übersetzen könnte. Aber das kann ich nicht tun, weil die Sprache so wichtig für die amerikanische Feministin ist, und ich habe noch kein richtiger Wortschatz, diese komplizierte Konzepten und Ideen zu entwickeln. Aber unter anderem habe ich gesagt, dass ich eine sehr liberalische Mensch bin. (Entschuldigung, dass meine Adjektivendungen sind nicht ganz korrekt. Ich will sie verbessern, aber es ist ein Bißchen langsam.) Leider werde ich nur auf Englisch tippen, denn ich nur Englisch sprechende Freunde habe. Aber wenn ich deutschsprachende Freunde habe, werde ich versuchen, auf Deutsch zu tippen. Was noch kann man tun? :)


If you know me:
Then I pobably love the holy living crap outta you. Thanks for visiting, I hope you don't get bored.